Comprehensive Protection Solution

Satcom also provides structured comprehensive solution as per IS IEC 62305, consisting of Lightning Alarm System, External lightning protection system, Internal Surge Protections, Green Grounding and Bonding systems.

BS IEC 62793:2016 Protection against lightning. Thunderstorm warning systems.

These standards state that the Class I and Class A thunderstorm detectors shall detect the first signs of a developing thunderstorm enabling the user to take preventative action. The Lightning alarming system sensors achieve this by measuring the electrostatic field strength and rate of change to identify lightning risk prior to either intra-cloud, cloud to cloud or cloud to ground lightning activity has begun. Sensors detect not only the electrostatic field but also detect charged precipitation. This enhanced detection capability offers a level of performance above that required by these standards. Additional audio visual protection is applied while using siren and strobe light.

USP: Meets FAA performance requirements for aerodrome, Meets EN50536:2011+A1:2012 requirements for a Class 1 detector

Reference: NBC 2016 – VOLUME 2ref page 2, Sr. no.11 and page 172,, 46, 47

When working with earth friendly products and green technology, one need to consider the unique threats that lightning strikes pose.  The goal is to build a structure with a longer life-span and a smaller impact on the environment. Since a typical bolt of lightning can generate up to 200 kA of electrical energy, the threat of fire from a direct or indirect electrical surge to homes and businesses is very real.

We have registered with NSIC and provide structured comprehensive Lightning Protection Solution as per IS / IEC 62305 (Part 1- 3):2010. Our service includes

Part 1: Site Survey

Part 2: Risk management, Identify the different ways to be struck by lightning.  Green buildings also use state of the art energy collection methods that can be susceptible to damage by direct or nearby lightning strikes

Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard. Lightning protection provides a low resistance path to safely intercept lightning’s dangerous electricity and direct it to ground without impact to structure or its occupants — certainly a green building practice for sustainability against nature’s threat! it’s important for designers, builders to include lightning protection among green building practices as par code for natural hazard resistance.

Part 4: Complete Lightning Protection system. Today’s project demands state-of-the-art “earth friendly” products and technologies for both the physical structure and the building systems.  It primarily consist of the following,

A. air-termination system, down-conductor, earthing,  Equipotential bonding,

B. Remote Communication, through wireless connection about Lightning

Part 5: Installation & testing at site as par design.

Part 6: Periodic check-up and maintenance

USP: Quality assured by standard and Performance assured by our 23 years working experiences.

Reference : NBC 2016 – VOLUME 2ref page 2, Sr. no.11 and page 172,, 49

Lightning’s harmful surges can zap, interrupt and damage internal building systems. Repair and service of these systems can lead to costly service fees and disrupt of service. So while going green with building plans one cannot forget to include surge protection to improve building safety, resiliency, sustainability and efficiency. We have registered with NSIC and provides structured comprehensive Surge Protection Solution as per

IEC 61643-11:2011/IS 16463: Part11 (2016) and IS/IEC 62305 (Part 4):2010

Part 1 : Site Survey

Part 2 :Surge protection strategies as par industry standard, customer requirement,

Part 3 :Product selection

Part 4 :Installation of Surge Protector, protection against the effects of radio electromagnetic fields invading in the equipment/component

Part 5 :Surge Protection Solution as per UL/IEC For the segments of

A. AC Power Line

B. DC Applications

C. Data Line

D. RF/Co-axial

Part 6: Complete Installation as par guideline, performance checking

Part 7:Periodic Performance checkup

USP:  MCG surge protector is your one time solution and expenditure as MCG surge protection devices carry a whole 20 years warranty. For any failure the module or unit will be replaced against the damaged module/unit.  MCG’s products decrease the home’s carbon footprint on the planet, increase value of the property and save up to 13% maintenance costs per year. 

NBC 2016 – VOLUME 2 ref page 2, Sr. no.8 and page 172, Sr. no. (44)

We have registered with NSIC and provides structured comprehensive Earthing Solution as per IS: 3043 – 1987

  • Site Survey and initial audit
  • Soil Resistivity Tests as per Wenner method.
  • Analysis of the same & earthing design with model, placement and quantity
  • Customization solutions
  • The basic components of an complete earthing systems are
    1. GI/Copper Bonded/Clad/plate Earth Electrode as par design demands
    2. Mechanical earth clamps and bonds
    3. Eco-friendly RoSH certified earth enhancing compound as per IEC 62561-7
    4. Earth bars and equipotential bonding
    5. Test Link
  • Complete Installation as par design
  • Earth resistance testing as par Wenner – Verification of earthing design through measurement
  • Periodic measurement and maintenance of earth system

USP: Quality assured by Standard and Performance assured by our 23 years working Experiences.



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