Our Solution in Telecom and Broadcast Industry in Devastating Climate of India

The National broadcaster, High Power Transmitter and other equipments having it’s setup located on top of the Shankaracharya hill in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, which is at an elevation of 1852 m above sea level and is standing at an individual hill top at such a height with a picturesque view to the city of Srinagar.

Due to such height and high rise of the Transmitter Mast this area is prone to Lightning throughout the year along with extreme weather conditions, which worsen in winter seasons.

Every year the transmitter and broadcast equipments situated in the Center fails due to lightning phenomenon which creates high surge incidence resulting with interruption in the transmission system and causing damages to heavy electrical gadgets.

As one of the leaders for providing comprehensive solutions in Lightning, Surge Protection and Green Grounding in India, Satcom Elektronics Pvt. Ltd. took the challenge and provided integrated Solution to this Telecom and Broadcast Center in Srinagar, J&K.

At first it was difficult to test as the climate were extreme, but after various attempts the technical experts of Satcom Elektronics were successful in installing MCG Surge Protection Devices, along with complete post installation solutions. 

After the installation it is seen that all the equipments were safe and there were no interruption in transmission, though the surge counter showed numerous surge attacks on the Center. Few MCG modules got damaged due to over surge incidence and were replaced by Satcom Elektronics Pvt. Ltd. and its OEM M/S MCG with no expense from the customer as a part of their Customer Service Proposal. MCG, USA is renowned worldwide for providing 20 years of “No-Nonsense device Warranty”.


The customer is highly satisfied and happy as there is no equipment damage after 2 years from date of installation and proper root cause solutions which indeed saved the organization from acquiring huge losses.

Satcom Elektronics Pvt. Ltd. believes in selling performance with innovations and its motto is to provide complete solution to uninterrupted operations and customer’s satisfaction.

It is one of the success stories of Satcom Elektronics Pvt. Ltd. in the vast field of Telecom and Broadcast in India….