Lightning Alarm

We have solution: – Wireless Lightning Warning System for Disaster Management

Lightning Protection

We have solution: – Lighting Protection System for External (LPS) & Internal (Surge) Protection, Comply NBC 2016, Vol. 2 and IS/IEC 62305 (Part 1-4)

Surge Protection

Internal ighting Protection Solution- Surge Protection Device (SPD) • AC Power Line • DC Application • Data Line Application • RF/ Coaxial Line Comply NBC 2016 Vol. 2, IEC 61643: Part 12 (2017) / UL Listed

Green Earthing

We have solution: – Soil Resistivity Test & Eco-friendly Grounding System Comply Products UL and solutions as per IS: 3043-1986.

Comprehensive Solutions

We have solutions: – Complete protection against Lightning, Surge with Earthing for Electrical and Electronics infrastructures /environments up to card level as per IS IEC 62305.
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